Discovery Challenge

Chat Analytics for Twitch (ChAT)


Streaming platforms for e-sports such as Twitch become more and more popular. Users can stream their gameplay while others watch and comment on the stream. It is also possible to donate to a streamer or subscribe to the channel, which cost monthly fees (4.99$, 9.99$, or 24.99$). Half of the money goes to the streamer, the other half to Twitch. Thus, there is a monetary motivation for both, streamers and Twitch, to get people to subscribe to a channel. In this challenge, you will build a binary classifier that predicts the subscription status of a user-channel combination based on the comments the user made in this and other channels. Given a model that predicts a user to be subscribed although he or she is not, we can suspect that the user could be interested in a subscription, which could be used for targeted advertising. The organizers of this discovery challenge are by no means affiliated with Twitch.

List of organisers