Call for Volunteers

To support students wishing to participate in the conference, and to support the practical organization of the virtual conference, a limited number of reliable and passionate student volunteers are sought.

Volunteering benefits

Volunteers will:

  • Receive a free virtual student registration.
  • Be able to (in fact, required to) closely interact with speakers in the conference.
  • Be acknowledged as a volunteer on the conference website (unless they prefer not to).
  • Build good karma.

Volunteering duties:

The total amount of work involved will not exceed 5 hours in the week before the conference, and 10 hours during the conference. Tasks will include:

  • Before Wednesday 9 September: preparing for the volunteering duties (e.g. carefully reading a pre-conference volunteering manual, possibly taking part in a short technical training session).
  • Wednesday 9 September or Thursday 10 September (depending on the volunteer’s availability): taking part in a pre-conference briefing and dry run.
  • During the conference: assisting in the technical aspects of the virtual conference, particularly in hosting virtual meetings. This could involve:
    • Liaising with the session chair and speakers.
    • Streaming the right pre-recorded videos at the right time.
    • Assisting the session chair in running the session (unmuting/muting participants as required, time-keeping, etc.).
    • Troubleshooting problems using the volunteering manual and adapting to possible unforeseen circumstances.

Most volunteers will be assisting for two sessions of 3 hours. Each volunteer is also expected to be ‘on call’ to help out if needed during one additional session of 3 hours. We will take volunteers’ preferences, time zone, and availability into account in assigning them to sessions.


We expect from applicants:

  • Proof of enrollment as a full-time PhD student during the time of the conference.
  • Proficiency in English communication.
  • An IT-savviness with regards to teleconferencing or an eagerness to learn.
  • Dependability and professionalism.

To apply please click here. The application deadline is Tuesday 28 July (AOE). A decision on your application will be made by Wednesday 29 July and sent to you by email.

For questions please email the Volunteering Chairs at